Welcome to El Capitan’s Kennel


2015 looks to like it is going to be a year of change. Boy, if only I knew how much. Over Memorial Day weekend, I had a sheep run into my knee. She severed my ACL, fractured the top of the tibia, tore the meniscus and the MCL. The MCL and the fracture healed on their own but, I had to have my knee rebuilt to fix the rest of it. I had surgery in August and was off work for 7 weeks. It is now 4 months post op and I still have another 8 months of recovery to go. I have to wear a brace for a year when working dogs or walking on uneven ground. I have to say that it gets better all the time and I just have to be careful not to get hurt again. I think it will be a long time before I am comfortable with a sheep running to my legs.

Currently I have 3 dogs, Face, Tibbs and Tris. Face has just moved up to Open and is doing really well. I am very happy with her. We have run in a couple trials this fall.

Tibbs is 15 months old and is in training at Suzy Applegates. Tibbs is by Ron Enzeroth’s, Mick and out of Paul Hollands, Teg. Teg is a proven producer bred by E.B. Raley. Mick had a stellar 2014 trial year.  Tibbs is a ‘hot’ dog but is doing really well at Suzy’s. He is not an easy dog to live with kennel wise but he sure listens well and wants to please. I posted some video of him on Facebook.

Tris is almost 6 months old. She is out of Pam Helton’s June and by Amanda Milliken’s Monty. June is out of Serge Van der Zweep’s Eve and and by his Gary. I know Tris is keen on sheep. I hope to get some video of her on sheep the next time I go to see Tibbs.